Neon visual direction and logo design

Neon is a new platform from EngineeringUK which brings STEM to life through real-world engineering. Neon curates experiences to save teachers' time and attention when looking for engaging activities for their students.

Clearleft were tasked with creating a new brand and designing the digital architecture for the as-then unnamed platform in a particularly short time frame. The entire brand proposition and visual direction were defined and refined in a matter of weeks via a series of workshops and playbacks.

As visual designer on the project, my main responsibility was navigating the project team towards a suitable visual direction that would feel appropriate to the platform's users.

The new visual direction applied to an indicative website design
The new visual direction applied to an indicative website design.
An element collage from early in the brand design process
Element collages are a quick way to get a feel for a new visual identity. Showing snippets of interface elements can give stakeholders a glimpse into a possible future and an opportunity to nudge the direction to better align with their expectations. This collage was completed before we started work on the logo or even had a name for the platform. An element collage should look like a collage, not a web page design.
Some progress pics from the logo refinement stage
Some of the logo variations that materialised during the process. The final version is shown here in the centre. Built from a set of connected geometric shapes, it's evocative of a neon sign without looking exactly like one.
Some patterns based on the geometry of the logo and some possible icon ideas.
I produced a selection of patterns to suggest materials and structures that could work across the many subtypes of engineering. The patterns are geometrically constructed in the same way as the logo. I also picked a handful of icons that suit the overall visual direction.